Kansas Cowboy Woodard

Kansas Cowboy Woodard

July 02, 1990 - October 11, 2023

Kansas Cowboy Woodard, 33.

Of topeka, Kansas passed away wednesday October 11, 2023.

He was born July 2nd, 1990 in Lawrence KS.

Kansas was so special to so many people. His laugh was infectious, and his fun loving spirit made the world a better place. He always told the silliest jokes and stories. He gave the biggest hugs and loved to make other people laugh. He was a custodian at Farley elementary where he loved the teachers, kids and co workers.

He loved fishing, dogs, woodworking, and trucks. Could talk about dogs for hours. Enjoyed making new things and fixing old ones. Was a big dreamer, and always thinking of the next big thing. He had the best work ethic and did everything with integrity. 

Survived by:

His Daughter Riley Woodard, she was his entire world, he was so proud of her. He was the best dad a little girl could ask for. They shared their love for movies, crafts, and special snacks like hot cheetos and sour cream. They could play for hours, he loved her very much.

His twin sister Buffy Woodard, During their lives together they were inseparable. They loved new adventures and shared their passion for dogs. Partners in crime, they believed they would conquer the world together.

His baby sister Melinda Woodard, they lived and worked together. They loved thrifting and garage selling. They were timeless in their adventures together. He was the best big brother

His big brother David Woodard, who he loved and adored so much. He looked up to him. They shared a brother bond that could never be broken. 

His mom Marie smith, who he loved so very much. He was her little man.  He also had a sister Mitsey Smith and Robin Lewis. Along with his Nephews Karter, Tadem and Gabe. His aunts and grandpa. He was also survived by his wife Stephanie woodard.

A Celebration of Life event will be held on Saturday October 21 at 2:00 p.m. at Rose Wood Event Venue in Topeka (3216 SW 29th Street) Attendees are encouraged to bring a helium balloon, as there will be a balloon release at 3:00 p.m.

He is now with His dad David Woodard in Heaven may they both be fishing and  laughing together.

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  •  I Prayer the Lord bless and keep you Kansas and your love ones.

    as you travel beyond this world. I hope you to be strong as you leave

    your love ones behind. To go a head of them to be there to help them. On

    there way when it is their time to be reunited with you in heaven. I pray for your

    love ones to find strength to carry on this side of the veil. To live life even tho

    they miss your presents here ; knowing that you are still with them. As they

    remember all what you did and was to them in this life time. My Hope and Prayers

    will always be with you and yours on either side. I testify that I know that all

    of the family that left before him is with him now. I say and asks these thing in

    the name of Jesus Christ name our lord and savior  Amen


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