Margrette S. Skirvin

Margrette S. Skirvin

May 06, 1971 - August 10, 2023

Margrette S. Skirvin, 52, of Topeka Kansas, passed away on Thursday, August 10, 2023 at home in Topeka. 

She was born in Oceanside, California on May 06, 1971. To her mother Frona G. Watkins. Frona passed away in 2010 while living in Alaska. Margrette found her father in 2021 through DNA search. Donald M. Steedman. She has a twin sister Vivian R. Steinbach that lives in Topeka. A brother Ralph Hefley that lives in Kansas City, and is preceded in death by her other brother Mark Hefley. 
Margrette is survived by her husband Robert W. Skirvin and three children, Robert A. Skirvin, Josh Bryant, and Erin R. Couch.
Memorial service will be held August 26, 2023 at Family Faith Life Center 3710 N.W. Topeka Blvd. Topeka Ks. For family and friends starting at 1:00pm.

Read Prayers and Memory's for “Margrette S. Skirvin”

  • We send our sympathy and prayers to Bob and all of Maggie’s family.  Maggie is remembered for her smiles, her recent rededication to follow our Lord Jesus and her baptism. She liked to talk and loved church dinners.  She is missed.  We love her and her family and pray for the comfort of God’s presence and peace.  John and Mary Morse 

  • Known each other since freshman year.I will always remember you as you were in my heart.I still have messages and voice messages so that I can hear your voice when ever I want.We might of had some up and downs but we always find away back to each other for for giveness.I will always love you Maggie and I am sorry for your loss.God is with you now, and he'll always give you the love and affection you deserve.I spoken up for you when you couldn't and I will always love you as my sister.Idk who sees this nor think of me but what I have by you in messages I will always and had fill your pain.In the name of Jesus Christ plz watch over her and give her the life and laughter she deserves.R.I.P. Maggie 

  • Margrette, if you can see this, know that I still love you regardless of how things were between us. It's not been an easy life for either one of us. I'm sorry that I couldn't help you even when I tried. I feel that I have failed you, but I'm hoping you're in a better place now and not hurting anymore. Hopefully one day I'll be able to see you again and tell you I love you. You will be missed. 

  • I will always have fond memories of both Maggie and Vivian being side by side and inseparable from one another in our younger years. Know that I choose to remember all the good things about you, your Sister, Brother and our Mom, and this is how you will remain in my heart and memory until it's my time. Because I now live in Florida, as well as my health serious issues, I will be unable to attend Maggie's memorial service. I had a heart attack 9 weeks ago and am now facing very serious health issues that make it impossible for me to travel. In closing I would like everyone to know that Maggie had the biggest smile ever along with her Sister and this has always been my favorite memory of the two. I love you and you will always be present in my memory. Always, your big Brother.

  • I'm sorry I couldn't help you more. I loved you like a daughter. You are no longer in any pain. Prayers for your family. 

  • Although I only knew my daughter a short while, I loved her very much. I wish I could have known her longer, but God had other plans. She will always have a special place in my heart and her memory will always live on in my mind. She will be deeply missed and will never be forgotten. My prayers and thoughts will forever be with the remainder  of my family. Amen. 

  •  Even though I didn't know Maggie very well, I have always been friends with her family members. I can still remember her husband Bob's mother Mrs. Wyona Skirvin. She was a very kind woman. Her husband Bob was a good man. I'm still friends with Bob's brother James. I just spoke with James on the telephone and he informed me of the her passing. I'm very sorry to hear of this. My condolences go out to her family members, her husband Bob, and especially her children. My mother died recently so I know what you people are going through. R.I.P Maggie! Even though you're gone you will never be forgotten!

    Mike Birch  


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