Paul Jeffery Anderson

Paul Jeffery Anderson

November 26, 1962 - November 02, 2019

Paul Jeffery Anderson was born November 26th, 1962 in Jacksonville, Florida. Paul passed away on November 2nd, 2019 at St. Francis Hospital Topeka, Kansas with his brother, David Anderson by his side.

Paul was the son of Charles Wayne Anderson and Margaret Ann Howell. He grew up in Florida and California. Paul worked as a tow truck driver, battery repairman,  distribution supervisor and in maintenance. Most recently Paul worked at Sac N Fox Casino as a Slot Tech. Paul’s favorite pastimes were going fishing listening to music (especially U2) and watching sports. He was an avid Patriots fan and enjoyed flaunting their wins. Paul was a sweet, kind man who tried to spoil those around him in thoughtful ways.

Paul’s survivors include his daughter, Lauren Ashley Anderson(Tyler Warren)of Jacksonville, FL.
Grandchildren: Lily, Kalvin and Nathan. Also surviving are a brother, David Anderson(Sara) of Circleville, Ks., a sister, Charlene Anderson of Scranton, Pennsylvania, and a brother, James Witt of Sedro-Wooley, Washington. Preceded in death by his parents and brother Steven Anderson.

The family will have a private service at a date to be determined. If you want leave condolences for Paul (Jeff) please go to website for information and personal statements from others regarding Paul (Jeff).

My dad
Paul Jeffery Anderson, was one of the coolest dads you could ever have. From jamming out to Matchbox 20 and U2, he always made sure his hair was perfect and had his cool sunglasses. Always being there for me and always having my back, we were a team. He was kind heart-ed and caring. He was all my friends second dad. He has 3 amazing grandchildren. Lily Ann, Kalvin James, and Nathan Alexander. He will be missed very deeply, And I will always love him.
Rest in peace Dad, my best friend. I love you.
Your Daughter
Lauren Ashley

My brother was in bad shape, it was hard to watch him walk, teetering about on his bad knee and ankle. But he never showed any discouragement or anger. But I knew he was in pain. He got turned down for knee surgery because of his liver condition and never said a discouraging word. We talked about the medical bills. The vultures I called them. He was basically working to pay them. It all had to be crushing and he never said a word. Now I'm feeling crushed that I didn't see it coming, we didn't even
get a chance to go fishing together this year. He truly is in a better place, the vultures can't get him and he is painless. Rest in peace brother, you were a part of my life, I don't know how I'm going to move past being with out you. Just didn't see it coming, I thought you could keep bouncing back.
Dave Anderson

Paul enjoyed spoiling his great nephews with candy when they would come to visit. He liked to converse with his niece Lea about the casino industry since they both were in the business. He will be remembered as a laid back nice man who loved watching football.
Niece, Lea Anderson

Sure going to miss you Jeff, miss your favorite saying “home boy”. We have not got to talk a lot in the last 5 years after you went to Kansas. We were pretty close, you were at my side when I really needed you the most. You sat in the hospital with me for 2 weeks while recovering from my car wreak. You rode your bike, it was not close, to show so much support and brotherly Love. I love you. I miss you. I wish there was more I could do for you. But there is no more suffering now, you will be in a better
place. It is really hard for me right now cause I'm so far away from my family and friends. I'm all by myself in the state of Washington. I'm trying to make sense of what happened struggling RIP Bro love you forever. Until we meet again, you were with me thru thick and thin.
Brother James Witt

David, Jeff, Steve and Charlene (in chronological order) were just kids when their father died shortly after returning from a 4 th tour of Vietnam. Mom remarried Jim Witt. Their son is James.

I remember the vivid look of shock in my father eyes as he described them blowing up every thing they could not take with them as they cleared the base in the closing days of the war. I remember going to grandpa's house with mom and finding dad dead in the back yard. I don't know if any of the other kids saw him. We all got back in the car rushed away. We learned he died of liver cancer. I always thought 4 years of Vietnam was enough of a cause.

As Jeff was getting treatment this weekend the doctor asked about inherited illnesses. We learned that that liver cancer is most likely an inherited trait. I don't know which comes first your liver going bad and alcohol drinking makes it worse. Or drinking alcohol makes your liver go bad because of an inherited weakness. My brother in law drinks more in a day than Jeff or I could in a week with no liver damage. So I think the Latter. Point being Jeff found out too late.

Sister Charlene is too broken to add at this time. She and Jeff had been estranged for most of the last ten years. I joked about it to each of them, to no avail. Charlene feels terrible about it now, not talking about their shared illness, I just found out too.

Little brother Steve was riding his bicycle because he couldn't drive because of DUI. Got hit by a drunk
driver that also had suspended license for DUI, Leaving the same bar at closing.
Dave Anderson

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